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Top styling tips for curvy ladies

Think curves make dressing up nearly impossible? We've got 10 fool-proof tips to change your mind about that.

To anyone who announces that curves are back in a big way thanks to the rising profiles of stars like Kim Kardashian and Sofia Vergara, we respectfully beg to differ, because we don't think curves were ever gone at all!One of the most enduringly attractive attributes of a woman's figure is the contours that come with it, and because of that, we think that those of you out there with a full bust, big bum and round hips should be embraced, and in turn, embrace your size and shape.
Of course, all that is easier said than done. There are certain things that are off limits to an hourglass or apple-shaped body, and others that look absolutely fantastic on said silhouettes. To make life easier for you, we have put together a gallery featuring 10 tips that we hope will set you on your own way to a more stylish, daring, confident you. After all, it's only a basic female right that we feel and look good about ourselves.

Chunky (Chunky)

Tip #1
Emphasize the tiny, conceal the rest
You know what they say - if you've got it, flaunt it! So if you have slim arms, or a tiny waist, by all means wear a sleeveless shirt, or cinch the waist with a cute woven belt. Everyone has parts of themselves that are worth showing off, and curvy girls are no exception to the rule. Take Scarlett Johansson for instance. The actress may wear a variety of outfits, but one thing always remains the same, and that's the focus of the dresses on the waist section.
OB Maxi dress with belt, Chunky, RM69

stock.xchng (stock.xchng)

Tip #2
Size matters
To keep your figure from looking disproportionate or bigger than it really is, it is absolutely essential that you invest in clothes that wrap your body just right. Don't buy clothes a size smaller because you think you'll 'be able to slim down and fit into it eventually'. Own what you have, and besides, those beautiful curves you have deserve to be embraced by the right measurements. If need be, get your threads tailor-made.

Blings Plus Size (Blings Plus Size)

Tip #3
Baggy clothes - not allowed.
Some of you may think that bigger-sized clothes are a sensible option because they 'hide' your true size and give the illusion that you're really much smaller than that. Not so. The truth is, all oversized shirts and sweaters ever do is make your body appear like a big lump of melting marshmallows, and we don't want that now do we? Also, has anyone seen Latina actress Sofia Vergara in sweats and sneakers? Yep, we didn't think so either.
Black blouse, Blings Plus Size, RM39

Jessabella Plus Size Stealz (Jessabella Plus Size Stealz)

Tip #4
Back to black
One of the most well-known reasons for this colour's popularity is, of course, its fail-proof slimming effect. When in doubt, step out in an outfit that's black from head to toe. It visually snips inches off your figure, and does a more than decent job of concealing love handles and spare tyres. Just look at British soul singer Adele; the Somebody Like You singer has been favouring a monochromatic wardrobe palette lately, and now we know why.
Rina Jersey Dress, Jessabella, RM49

Laly Lulu Plus (Laly Lulu Plus)

Tip #5
It's all about proportion
It sure is. While a runway model may look sensational in a billowy white shirt with khaki harem pants, it's not a look that works for everybody, and for some of us, we simply have to accept some things are just not gonna work no matter what. With that in mind, remember to always maintain proportion in your outfit - if you're wearing a loose fitting top, pair it with slim fitting pants, and vice versa. Jenny from the Block sure knows this rule well.
3 Quarter Jumpsuit, Laly Lulu Plus, RM 29.40

stock.xchng (stock.xchng)

Tip #6
Print craze
Don't go too crazy with the prints. While it's a misconception that curvaceous babes should steer clear from prints at all cost, it is important to note that dainty, simple prints will be more forgiving on your figure than loud, big ones. It's simply a matter of visual trickery. Smaller prints lead to the notion that the wearer, too, is of the same body type

Shoes Haven (Shoes Haven)

Tip #7
These heels are made for walking
Sure flats are more comfortable to walk and carry out daily errands in, but believe us when we say heels deserve consideration as well. Not only do they elongate your figure, they also make you stand up straighter, walk taller - all of which leads to the ultimate goal of creating a slimmer silhouette. Let hip-hop/R&B megastar Beyonce be an inspiration to you here. The singer is almost never seen without her 5-inch (and above!) heels, and it's no coincidence that her stems are one of the most sought after in the industry.
Beige pumps, Shoes Haven, RM49

AP Photo Donald Traill (AP Photo Donald Traill)

Tip #8
Shapely does it
Don't be afraid or shy to try out shapewear. Spanx is not just worn by the horizontally challenged anyway. Even stars with the most phenomenal bodies have stepped forward with admissions of using the famous shapewear, e.g. Kim Kardashian and Eva Longoria. According to Kardashian, Spanx " have a firm control long leg panty that makes my body look smoother and slimmer under fitted dresses without leaving any lines." No better endorsement than from the bootylicious celeb, we say.

AP Photo Peter Kramer (AP Photo Peter Kramer)

Tip #9
V-amp it up
Here's a tip that not many of you may know: V-shaped necklines are great for the curvy ladies, or basically any open necklines, so think scoop-necks, sweetheart, and squares. What you get in return is the notion of a longer neck, which in turn elongates your overall silhouette, and you get the picture. Mad Men star Christina Hendricks is a perfect example of this. Men will especially agree that wearing lowcut gowns that show off her impressive bosom has worked wonders for her red carpet rep.

stock.xchng (stock.xchng)

Confidence is key
It's such a cliché, but there's a reason for it to be one, and that's because it's true! No matter if you're size 0 or 14, you're bound to look good in your outfit if you dare to wear it, strut like a boss in it, and own it. When you're happy and comfortable in your look of the day, there's no stopping the good vibes from radiating, and we all know what good vibes can do - they spread and infect the people around you with the same steadfast belief that yes, you look hot baby...

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date : 20/10/2011

ps : I know I dont have a great body figure NOW, but hey, I still love my body ...

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