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The Star, an English-language Malaysian daily, reported on a Harian Metro (a Malay-language local newspaper) story about the alleged shenanigans which take place at a supermarket parking lot around lunch time in Kota Baru, Kelantan.
Apparently, couples have been using the parking lot for sex.
Couples fork out RM2 for each entry and typically turn up in different vehicles - they are determined that acquaintances not spot them. They participate in sexual activities inside their vehicles, strategically parked in darker, poorly-lit parts of the parking lot.
But apparently not dark enough. Through CCTVs, employees of the supermarket could see what was happening. "I have seen couples having sex in their cars," said a quoted source.

source : On9 MSN News
Date : June 10, 2011

My reaction : Of coz ler.. mengejutkan... Dont know how far its true [nampak sgt aku tak bc Newspaper for past 3 days...!]... TP ppl out there, please..JANGAN ikot benda2 cenggini okay. Tak Elok, Tak baik dan some more, its sins! Jgn kata kat dlm keta, kat mana2 pun jangan lah ye.. takot takot takot....